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The High Kings

The High Kings

Date: 21.07.2018

The Landmark presents The High Kings on Saturday 21th July

Ten years ago, four Irish singers, performers and songwriters decided to take a calculated risk. The
constituent parts of The High Kings each had a wealth of history in the music business behind them,
but knew that in order to maintain any level of creative interest they would have to boldly go where
no other Irish ballad group had gone before. In truth, back in the mid-late noughties, Ireland needed
a group like The High Kings. The heyday of ballad groups such as The Clancy Brothers and The
Dubliners was a distant memory for generations of music fans, and to have another bunch of Irish
lads taking up the baton and continuing the tradition was great news to thousands of fans
worldwide. “We could sing well, play our instruments well and harmonise well,” says Darren
Holden, humbly underselling somewhat the numerous skill sets of the individual members. “People
were looking for guys with character, presence – not just cardboard cut-outs – so the respective
experience we all had wasn't just helpful but essential. The four members immediately knew that
something special was taking place (“we knew within the space of a few songs that there was
magic”), and within months had clicked as a creative unit as well as friends.
The self-titled debut album, released in 2008, reached a highly impressive number two on Billboard
Magazine’s World Music chart. It was during The High Kings second tour of the US in 2011,
however – having graduated from playing small venues to larger halls as they promoted their
follow-up album, ‘Memory Lane’, which also crashed into Billboard’s World Music chart – that
everyone involved realised the fanbase was growing into something that no one had predicted.
Subsequently, the group’s tour of Ireland sold out within hours. “We didn't expect that,” admits
Darren, “and then about three gigs into that tour we realised we had touched not only a nerve but
also a memory. People loved what we were doing, and they would tell us after the shows that what
we did and how we were doing it meant so much to them – they had waited years for a group like
us.” As if that wasn't good enough, The High Kings received the stamp of approval from the likes of
Christy Moore and, perhaps more pertinently, Ronnie Drew, the lead singer of The Dubliners, and
the man behind one of Ireland’s most recognisable and enduring ballad voices. The High Kings had
achieved what many had thought improbable, if not impossible: they were moving the Irish ballad
tradition into the here and now, carrying along with them the steadfast older fans while
simultaneously bringing it to a new audience. “The gigs were getting bigger and bigger, and we felt
we were breaking down barriers.
More was to come in 2013 with the group’s third studio album, ‘Friends For Life’, which featured
original songs among the traditional fare. Such an undertaking had always been discussed, reveals
Darren. “On ‘Memory Lane’, we stuck to the tried and tested formula, and that was a really good
plan, because the album sold very well. But with ‘Friends For Life’, which was originally planned
as another covers record, we worked with Sharon Shannon, who co-produced, and that changed
things significantly for us. She initially heard one of our songs – Oh Maggie, which I wrote – and
she really thought it should be included. And then several more songs written by group members
followed.” According to Darren, The High Kings stepped out of the shadows by taking the original
song writing route. “We were delighted! We felt the songs were really good, and we sensed it was
the next step. We finally sensed we were about to embark on a new chapter for The High Kings,
rather than repeat the approach we took on the first two albums.” Stepping out of the shadows
inevitably threw light onto their own songwriting talents. Credibility, too? “Absolutely. With
versions of well known or previously written songs, you can get four people talented enough who
are very handy singing them, but with original songs you mark your own territory, you stand out.
And we were lucky, thankfully – we had a couple of original songs that were hits in various parts of
the world”. The development of original songwriting – ballad-style but with contemporary touches
– from each member of The High Kings continues apace, but balance must be maintained. To a
degree, expectations have to be met while still moving specific creative elements forward, which is
why the group’s fourth studio album, ‘Grace & Glory’, takes them back to the essentials that kickstarted
their career in the first place. “We felt it was the right time to park the original songs for a
while,” says Brian Dunphy. “We did a two-year tour for the ‘Friends for Life’ album, and then we
put out a live show album/DVD – ‘Four Friends Live’. That was received so well that we felt a
back-to-basics approach – traditional ballad songs with new arrangements – would be good.”
To say that The High Kings are charting a new course for Irish ballad music – equal parts rousing
and reflective, energetic and insightful – is an understatement. They are, essentially, marking out a
new and bright era for Irish folk music, and aiming to bring a broad demographic along for the
journey. With 2016's ‘Grace & Glory’, the band widened their appeal and fanbase, as Finbarr
affirmed. “There is something for everybody on the album, and any doubters out there might just
discover there’s a whole lot more to us than perceptions would have them believe. Previous High
Kings albums have been stepping-stones, but this one sees us on top of things."
2017 saw the band continue with intensive touring of Ireland, the UK and America, in tandem with
a rapid growth in their digital and online profile. It is also the year that the band reaches its tenth
anniversary which is being marked with a very special compilation celebrating a decade of
outstanding songs and performances. The departure of original High King Martin Furey and the
arrival of young-gun George Murphy has brought a new hunger to the High Kings and their
audiences alike.
The November 2017 release of DECADE-BEST OF THE HIGH KINGS was received with rave
reviews and record sales figures with the band again topping the Irish Album Charts and returning
to the Billboard World Music Charts once again.
The DECADE World Tour promises a joyous trip down Memory Lane, to the music and song of
yesteryear, this time performed in a contemporary style and arrangement which still remains true to
the original. Here’s to the next ten years . . . Here’s to The High Kings . . .

Doors at 8:00pm, over 18's only


Tickets. €30 are available at The Landmark Hotel t: 071 9622 222 or email reservations@thelandmarkhotel.com

Tickets also available at Tickets.ie (Booking fees apply)
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Country Music & Dance with Lisa McHugh

Country Music & Dance with Lisa McHugh

Date: 28.07.2018

On Saturday 28th July we welcome Lisa McHugh!

Lisa McHugh is becoming one of the most wanted artists in Irish Country Music.
With various shows lined up in Ireland in concerts and dances, it is no wonder the country star is in such high demand.
With a voice of an angel and the charisma to follow, Lisa is one artist you do not want to miss.

Doors open at 10:00pm, Show 10:30pm.


Tickets €15, are available on the door on the night.

Should you wish to make dinner reservations please call 071 96 22 222 or email us.
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BAGATELLE at The Landmark

BAGATELLE at The Landmark

Date: 29.07.2018

The Landmark presents Bagatelle on Sunday 29th July

Bagatelle are an Irish rock band that first formed in August 1978. They are known for their popular pop hits such as "Second Violin", "Leeson Street Lady" and "Summer in Dublin", their best known song.

They have shared stages with artists such as Bob Marley, Don McLean, U2 and Van Morrison. Their
albums were produced by Phil Coulter and the late Gus Dudgeon, who also produced for David Bowie and Elton John. This promises to be a superb night of live entertainment from an Irish rock institution!

Doors 9pm, over 18's only


Tickets. €20 are available at The Landmark Hotel t: 071 96 22 222 or email reservations@thelandmarkhotel.com

Tickets also available at Tickets.ie (Booking fees apply)
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Country Music & Dance with Patrick Feeney

Country Music & Dance with Patrick Feeney

Date: 4.08.2018

Dance the night away with the wonderful Patrick Feeney at The Landmark Hotel on Saturday 4th August.

Patrick Feeney was born to sing and from the age of four he wanted to be on stage with his father who played in a local band.
His phenomenal success, especially over the past few years, is summed up in three words from the title of Patrick’s first album, back in 2003 – that title says it’s all… Thanks to You.
The big news for the future on the recording front is that Patrick is due to release his first themed album later this year. Once again it is the reaction of his fans that has made him decide the theme of the next album will be Gospel songs.

Doors at 10:00pm 


Tickets €15, are available on the door on the night. 

Should you wish to make dinner reservations please call 071 96 22 222 or email us
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Country Music & Dance with Mike Denver

Country Music & Dance with Mike Denver

Date: 25.08.2018

Mike Denver is returning to Landmark Central on Saturday 25th August due to popular demand.

From Ireland MIKE DENVER, known as “The Galway Boy”, is one of Ireland’s top Entertainers, having this year celebrated 15 years in the entertainment scene. he is regarded as the best band for dancing with a 2.5 hour high energy show featuring all of his hits, ” Wasn’t that a Party’,’My Oklahoma Home ”Tommy K,” ”Galway Girl”, ”Paddy ”, ”Hills of Donegal” his “Rockabilly” selection and his current Single “Hey God/ Galway Tae Double A Side “. Mike Denver is well aware that the people that come to his Shows all they want is a good night of entertainment and that’s what he provides.

Mike has recorded 14 albums and 4 DVDS to date and its from them he picks his programme for the night. Mike is looking forward to another Very Busy year, Jan. February March & April is Mikes Nationwide Concert Tour with Special Guests Ray Lynam and Philomena Begley & MARGO . Taking in Venues Such as The INEC Killarney , Cork Opera House, Millennium Forum Derry, Concert Hall Limerick, National Concert Hall Dublin. The Royal Theate Castlebar to name just a few, he looks forward to his Trips to Scotland, Spain , Portugal , and his Busy Summer Season which take in all the Big Festivals and is resident every Wednesday night in the Gleneagle Hotel Killarney every July & August.

Doors at 10:00pm 


Tickets €15, are available on the door on the night. 

Should you wish to make dinner reservations please call 071 96 22 222 or email us

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Country Music & Dance with Derek Ryan

Country Music & Dance with Derek Ryan

Date: 13.10.2018

On Saturday October 13th we welcome Derek Ryan back to The Landmark

From Moy to Melbourne and Limavady to London – Derek Ryan is Irish country music’s golden boy with chart topping albums, self-written smash hit singles, box office busting live tours and of course – an army of faithful fans around the world. The roll call of success for the multi-talented Irish man is long and much deserved – with two Irish Number One albums, sell-out shows at home and abroad and fistfuls of music awards to his name.

Doors at 10:00pm 


Tickets €15, are available on the door on the night. 

Should you wish to make dinner reservations please call 071 96 22 222 or email us
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An Evening with Phil Coulter

An Evening with Phil Coulter

Date: 20.10.2018

The Landmark presents Phil Coulter on Saturday 20th October

The legendary Phil Coulter has not only weathered just about every change in the business, he has been one of the few songwriters who actually shaped pop history by dictating musical taste and fashions.

Up in that Pantheon inhabited by the biggest selling recording artistes of all time in Ireland, rubbing shoulders with Bono and the Boys, you might be surprised to bump into Phil Coulter. He has performed with everyone from James Galway and the London Symphony Orchestra to Nanci Griffith and The Blue Moon Orchestra, not to mention Henry Mancini, Elmer Bernstein and Quincy Jones.

He has written at least four titles that can be added to the list of Great Irish Songs  - the anthems ‘The Town I Loved So Well’ and ‘Ireland’s Call’ and the haunting ‘Scorn Not His Simplicity’ and ‘Steal Away’.

Doors 8:00pm, over 18's only


Tickets €30 are available at The Landmark Hotel t: 071 96 22 222 or email reservations@thelandmarkhotel.com

Tickets also available at Tickets.ie (Booking fees apply)

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The Three Amigos Live in Concert

The Three Amigos Live in Concert

Date: 2.01.2019

Due to popular demand, The Three Amigos return for a Nationwide tour in 2019!

After taking the live country music circuit by storm during the months of January and February 2018, The Three Amigos have now announced details of their Winter/Spring Tour 2019!

Jimmy Buckely, Robert Mizell and Patrick Feeney have played a major part in the transformation of country music in Ireland. All three enjoy hugely successful solo careers and when they come together for this unique performance the chemistry and the magic generated on stage is truly very special.

The show continues to enthral audiences with a perfect mix of music, comedy and song. Indeed their comedy sketch has become an integral part of the live shows and the mix of country hits from both sides of the Atlantic and some great rock n roll standards makes The Three Amigos repertoire very special.

Presented by J and C Promotions.

Doors: 7.00pm , Show: 8.00pm


Tickets €32.50 are available at The Landmark Hotel t: 071 96 22 222 or email reservations@thelandmarkhotel.com

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