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Things to do near Leitrim

Things to do near Leitrim

King House Historic & Military Barracks

King House is a magnificently restored Georgian Mansion located in Boyle, County Roscommon. The building has an amazing history and unique architecture having been built as a grand family residence in the early Georgian period and converted into a military barracks less than 50 year later! On your tour you will encounter life-size historical figures, voices from the past, sound effects and hands-on activities that bring the building and its residents alive! Marvel at the grandeur, savour the magnificence of the period rooms, or just have fun exploring our interactive exhibitions!

www.kinghouse.ie tel. 071 966 3242

Glenview Folk Museum

A full street scene has been fully reconstructed to give a real feel of 1930s Ireland. Shops are stocked and dressed as they would have been in the past and a large set of tradesmen’s tools on display are indicative of the skill and the ingenuity of past owners and communities.This private collection of over 7000 items has a varied collection of household items from butter making equipment and everyday kitchen utensils to lamps and furniture. Their impressive array of farmyard equipment includes horse drawn agricultural machinery and a thrasher. Coins, ledgers, registers, posters, newspapers and other memorabilia from the era are also on display. It also holds the largest collection of egg cups in Ireland with over 4000 egg cups on display.


River Run Cruise

River Run is a state of the art, luxury cruiser and it makes for one of the most enjoyable experiences in Athlone. Whether you’re looking for some team building fun or just want to enjoy a relaxing cruise along the river, a trip on the River Run is the perfect solution. 

Visit River Run

tel. 071 962 1777

Parke’s Castle, Fivemile Bourne

A restored plantation castle of the early 17th century, picturesquely situated on the shores of Lough Gill, once the home of Robert Parke and his family. The Courtyard grounds contain evidence of an earlier 16th century Tower House structure once owned by Sir Brian O'Rourke who subsequently was executed at Tyburn, London in 1591. The Castle has been restored using Irish oak and traditional craftsmenship. Access for visitors with disabilities to ground floor.


tel. 071 916 4149

The Organic Centre, Rossinver 

Spend a day or more at one of the many courses - discovering wild foods, making stone walls, understanding nutrition, maybe come for their Potato Day or the Apple Day - and you come away feeling not just empowered, but distinctly wiser. Something in your head and your heart will have been skilled up by the wise instructors and lecturers, the feeling that the natural world is your ally, your companion, your collaborator.

The Organic Centre is now open to the public from Tuesday to Sunday 10am - 5pm.

www.theorganiccentre.ie tel. 071 985 4338

Cavan and Leitrim Railway Museum

Allows you to step back in time and travel on a narrow gauge train. There is also a transport museum worth visiting. 


Cruachan Ai

Celtic Royal Site. It is in the medieval village of Tulsk within the Royal Complex of Cruachan, the oldest and largest unexcavated Royal Complex in Europe. Rathcroghan Visitor Centre has a wealth of information on the site. 


Eagles Flying

A fantastic family attraction with almost 450 species of bird and animal and Ireland’s largest sanctuary for raptors and owls. Bird shows daily. 


The Marble Arch Caves

The Marble Arch Caves are just one of the numerous extensive cave systems found within the surrounding area; the existence of caves in this region is attributed to the underlying Geology.

The Marble Arch Caves were formed in limestone rock when water flowing through the rock slowly dissolved it away to leave the chambers, passages and systems that you can explore.


Boyle Origin Farmers Market

Takes place every Saturday from 10am-2pm in the grounds of King House in Boyle.